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Marketing Cloud Software – We are all aware of the crucial role that marketing plays in a company’s success. Yes, a good product generates a lot of word-of-mouth and media attention, but in order for people to learn about your products or service, you must be savvy with marketing.

There is a lot of noise out there, though, as a result of social media’s explosive development and the falling costs of smartphones and internet connections. You need the correct tools to handle all the labor-intensive tasks while you concentrate on the creative if you want to break through.

Tools for Marketing Automation Perform the Hard Work!

According to Marketing Automation Insider, Unica was the first company to introduce marketing automation solutions to the market in 1992.

They claim that the $6.1 billion marketing automation business has been acquired by Salesforce, IBM, Adobe, Microsoft, and other companies to the tune of 75%. It would be an understatement to say that firms are placing significant bets on marketing automation systems.

Simple: marketing automation solutions save marketers a ton of time by handling monotonous duties, giving them more free time to focus on activities that are important to their company.

The Top Marketing Automation Tools We Recommend

 In order to help you with all those tedious, repetitive chores and to relieve some of the stress associated with marketing, we have put together a list of some of the top marketing automation tools available.

  • Cloud Marketing by Salesforce
  • Adroll
  • Engagebay
  • iContact
  • Marketo
  • Regular Contact
  • OneSpot
  • HubSpot
  • Eloqua Oracle
  • Buffer
  • Pardot
  • Extole

Let’s examine each in depth so you may select the one that best suits your needs;

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

A powerful, cloud-based marketing automation solution is provided by Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It serves as a platform for all of your marketing initiatives.

Using this marketing automation platform, you can manage all of your ad campaigns, construct and manage any type of email campaign, interact with customers via SMS and push notifications, integrate your social media channels, and produce interactive content that effectively engages them.

Numerous elements of Salesforce Marketing Cloud are easily scaled to fit the needs of businesses of all sizes.


Retargeting is the area of expertise for the marketing automation platform called Adroll. It was established in 2007 and is now utilized by more than 35,000 advertisers globally. You may use it to place and keep an eye on ads across the web and mobile platforms, including well-known social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Anyone may easily get precise information on their ads thanks to its straightforward dashboard, which also makes retargeting simple.

The quickest and most expert approach to distribute collected knowledge on any subject in a visually appealing manner is through elink. Consider it a professional version of Pinterest! We can help you generate curated newsletters, content sections for your website, or links in your social network bios.

Gather links related to any subject, customize the material (such as the images, title, and description), and then post. Coding is not required!


An all-inclusive marketing automation product called Engage Bay has separate sections for marketing, sales, and customer service. The customer is free to take any or every one of them depending on their needs. A selection of automation tools, including a social media calendar, a design tool for rapid landing sites, images, and newsletters, are available in the marketing bay. Additionally, it makes automation of multichannel marketing activities possible.

The program comes with customer success tracking capabilities in the sales bay that allow you to monitor client engagement and churn. All under one virtual roof, you may arrange meetings with your client and give your staff duties!

In order to comprehend your marketing journey and implement new ideas, the sales bay also offers automated data entry, email tracking, and the preparation of smart analysis and statistics.

In the third area, the service bay, the software guarantees a perfect level of customer assistance thanks to its incredible tracking and engagement features. Engage Bay always keeps you and the customer linked with live chat, an easy-to-use interface, response templates, and support groups! In conclusion, Engagebay offers a rather complete solution for all of your automation requirements.


iContact claims to be the all-inclusive email marketing platform. Anyone can easily develop fantastic email campaigns using iContact and evaluate them for improvement.

The importance of social media marketing is recognized by iContact, which enables you to develop sign-up forms and monitor client involvement. Even more enticing to try out is the 30-day free trial, however there are only 100 contacts and 400 messages allowed.

Even so, it undoubtedly merits a place on the list of the top marketing automation tools with clients like NASA.


With over 100,000 active users from all over the world and about 2,300 customers, Marketo has established itself as one of the top marketing automation solutions. Marketo’s high level of flexibility and sophistication, in addition to its simplicity and use, help salespeople and marketers achieve their goals.

One of the most complete platforms, it can grow up and down with your business with ease. including features like customer engagement analytics, A/B testing, keyword research, lead management, etc. Marketo demonstrates why it’s a terrific tool to have in your marketing toolbox!

Persevering Contact

One of the top email marketing services, Constant Contact has almost all the features a small business owner might desire. Due to its event management and registration features, it is very helpful for businesses that conduct events.

Among the cool features are:

  • A multitude of sources, including Excel, Gmail, and even social networking accounts, can be used to manage your contacts.
  • Tracking capabilities for emails
  • Conduct polls and surveys
  • Event planning

Additionally, it provides a 60-day trial period, which is advantageous for small business owners who want to thoroughly test the service before investing money.


OneSpot is a platform for content marketing that makes use of machine learning to help you promote your brand and content for maximum interaction and remain top-of-mind with your audience.

Based on their surfing habits and interests, OneSpot’s machine learning engine automatically distributes your content to your consumers. OneSpot tracks a user’s online activity and shares pertinent content on their social media, email, online advertising, and other networks. Big companies like IBM, L’Oreal, and Nestle, to mention a few, trust it.


You’ll adore HubSpot if you or your team uses inbound marketing to generate leads. HubSpot is a sales and CRM application that supports an inbound marketing platform.

With over 34,000 clients globally, it is a well-known and frequently utilized marketing automation solution. It offers salespeople and marketers all the bells and whistles they require to entice customers, engage with them, and provide customer care, as well as to produce interesting content, select the proper audience, and track the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Oracle Eloqua

Eloqua, a demand generation, email marketing, and lead management technology from Oracle, was introduced back in 1999. It readily automates a sizable portion of your marketing initiatives.

Marketers can engage the right audience at the right time in the buyer’s journey with the aid of Eloqua’s best-in-class lead and campaign management capabilities, which also offer real-time reporting and insights. Additionally, it offers customized marketing through several channels, such as email, search, video, and mobile. is a fantastic email marketing automation solution that enables companies to send customized emails, push notifications, and SMS to customers in order to reduce churn, build closer relationships, and increase subscriptions. may be integrated into your website or mobile app to bring all the customer information your company has in one place:

  • Every action they have taken
  • Every page they have viewed
  • History of their purchases or subscriptions
  • You can communicate anything else through our straightforward API.

Based on what you know and what people do, you can then deliver communications that are specifically tailored to them. A/B testing, conversion tracking, customer profiles, and many more tools are included as well.


For modern organizations, having a social media presence and posting engaging material regularly is essential. Buffer intends to automate the tedious and repetitive process of regularly or even several times a day entering into different social media networks and distributing information!

Buffer, which has more than 4 million users, is a simple method to plan posts, monitor the effectiveness of your content, and manage all of your accounts in one location. You can schedule material for later with Buffer’s browser plugin, which is a useful addition that interacts with WordPress, Chrome, and RSS readers.


48 percent of marketers, according to Forrester Research, struggle to customize consumer interactions. You can do that and more with Pardot’s assistance! Pardot, a Salesforce firm, assists B2B marketers in automating their marketing initiatives and generating sales.

Pardot enables sales to close more deals by enabling marketers to build more pipelines, meaningful connections, and connections, respectively. Pardot engages customers with dynamic, targeted marketing through an intuitive UI. From click to close, every step can be tracked and understood, resulting in the genuine marketing ROI.


People are four times more likely to purchase when referred by a friend, according to Nielsen. Extole is a marketing solution that makes use of the advantages of referral marketing. Previously known as Tell-A-Pal. It enables businesses to implement and evaluate their referral marketing strategies on the web or through mobile devices.

Referrals can result in savings for both parties and a solution that benefits everyone. Extole is a terrific platform to take advantage of referrals and help your business reach more clients, with companies like Timberland and Athleta using the system.


Excellent marketing can help you stand out from the competition and win you lifelong customers. However, because we have so much on our plates every day, marketing initiatives frequently take a backseat.

Thank goodness, there are marketing automation technologies that help you and your company handle marketing. Remember that every company has a distinct marketing objective. You can pick from any of the aforementioned marketing automation solutions depending on what you want to automate.



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